Registration is now open for the NASCIO Annual Conference: Raising the Bar…What’s Next. The conference will take place at the Omni Nashville Hotel September 28 – October 1, 2014.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to discuss and learn about high-profile IT and leadership topics and network with your peers.

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Rebecca Costa will be delivering the 2014 Annual Conference Keynote:
The Cautionary Side of Big Data.

About Rebecca Costa

Rebecca is an American Sociobiologist who offers a genetic explanation for current events, emerging trends and individual behavior. A thought leader and provocative new voice, Costa traces everything from growing debt, epidemic obesity, to upheaval in the Middle East, to evolutionary imperatives.

Summary of Rebecca's Keynote

IT analysts often speak about the four V’s: the Velocity, Volume, Variety and Veracity of data. According to Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, “We are producing as much data every 48 hours as we produced from the dawn of mankind to year 2003.” 

But just how much information can human organism discern, or utilize?

According  Costa, the challenge is - and always has been - our biological limitations. Costa reveals 3 reoccurring symptoms which appear when the complexity of data, foundational systems and processes, exceed the cognitive capabilities we have thus far evolved.   She demonstrates how Big Data analytics and other technologies hold the key to triumphing in today’s highly complex, “high failure-rate environment.” Costa shows that we are in the middle of a transition, from the Information Age - when faster, better data production was the goal - to the Technolithic Era - when analytics and discoveries in neuroscience are paving the way for “computer-assisted decision making” to effect all areas of business, governance and daily life.

Rebecca's Message to You

We live in a time when we are producing as much data in one weekend as we have from the dawn of humankind to the year 2003.  And no one has been more affected by the acceleration of knowledge that today's information technology executives who are responsible for managing, storing, distributing, and protecting data that is largely "unstructured."  It's a privilege to address, and work closely with, the participants of this year's  NASCIO conference to forge strategies for "fast adaptation in high failure-rate environments. 

To learn more about Rebecca, visit: http://www.rebeccacosta.com/

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